Val di Venere


Our wines

Our passion for viticulture seamlessly blends with tradition. We cultivate the classic Valpolicella grape varieties with dedication and respect for nature, creating exceptional wines. We follow the principles of organic farming, prune our vines using the renowned Simonit & Sirch method, and hand-harvest our grapes. Our goal is to enhance the land and ensure the healthy growth of our plants, yielding high-quality fruit.

Our Olive Oil

Alongside our wines, we also produce olive oil. We cultivate our olive groves to preserve the oil's authenticity and quality, using only traditional methods for cultivation and harvesting while avoiding chemical substances. Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of meticulous selection of the finest olives and an extraction process that enhances their fresh, aromatic flavours.

Our Honey

Since 2021, a hardworking colony of bees has found a home in the Venere forest. Today, we have about ten hives where the magic of producing pure, aromatic, and delicious wildflower honey happens daily. Our organic honey is made by traditional methods, with a strong focus on sustainability. Each jar contains a rich array of aromatic notes that vary with the seasons and the blossoms, offering unique tastes and flavours.