A direct contact with nature.

At our estates, fun, relaxation, and adventure blend seamlessly with delicious flavours. Treat yourself to the opportunity to sample our products, from wines to oils, and from cured meats to cheeses. You can also join an exhilarating truffle hunt in the woods of Tenuta La Quercia or Monte Cucco.

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Val di Venere


Val di Venere

Located in Santa Maria in Stelle, this estate is the headquarters of our agricultural company and home to our accommodation facilities, the Bio-lake, and Il Ristoro di Venere. The estate covers approximately two hectares, featuring meadows, aromatic herbs, and our Paron and L'Alsaro olive groves.

La Quercia

Our DOC Valpolicella vineyards are nestled in a vast coppice forest between Novaglie and Mizzole on Monte Marseghina. We produce natural wines, organic oil, and honey from these vineyards. The estate extends over 1.5 hectares of DOC vineyard, 4 hectares of forest, and 1.5 hectares of olive and aromatic trees. Here, we host aperitifs, woodland experiences, and truffle-hunting adventures.

Monte Cucco

Forests, olive trees, vines, and aromatic plants span approximately 8 hectares overlooking the beautiful and wild Val Squaranto.  Soon, a new vineyard will be established encircled by aromatic herbs.

Il ristoro di Venere

Il Ristoro di Venere, located just a few hundred meters from the Bio-lake at Via Vendri 1/P, is where our guests can embark on a journey made of wine and oil experience. Here, they can taste our products paired with local cured meats and cheeses. Upon reservation, visits to the vineyards, olive groves, and truffle grounds are also possible.

Il Ristoro di Venere is situated along the "Grande Anello della storia" (Great Historical Circuit), a 17 km trekking itinerary that connects all the main points of landscape, historical, and cultural interest in the eastern hill area of Valpantena in a circular route.  This includes Castello di Montorio (Montorio Castle), la Chiesetta di S. Venerio (the Small Church of St. Venerio), il Forte Preara (Preara Fort), il Piloton, L’Ipogeo di Stelle (the Stelle Hypogeum), and Villa Balladoro. It's an ideal route for nature lovers and can be explored, either on foot or by bicycle.

MTB Experience

The magical and unique landscape of Lessinia deserves to be explored in all its most captivating views. What better way to reach these spots than by riding a bike?

Upon reservation, Val di Venere allows following the fascinating paths that wind between Valpantena, Valsquaranto and Valpolicella.  If you love adrenaline and adventures, you can have this experience on an MTB, managing to cover any terrain. For those who prefer tranquillity and wish to enjoy this experience with minimal effort, we offer various tours with pedal-assisted e-bikes. This two-wheeled adventure allows you to discover numerous natural beauties in a fun, healthy, and eco-friendly manner.

Truffle and wild asparagus hunting

Join us for an extraordinary truffle hunt in the woods of Tenuta La Quercia or Monte Cucco. The adventure begins directly from our Glamp Houses, taking you up the famous Piccolo Stelvio climb that winds behind Santa Maria in Stelle and leads to La Quercia. Here, you'll have the opportunity to search for the renowned black truffles of Lessinia.

At the end of the hunt, you can look forward to a delightful snack set amidst the vineyards, where you'll savour the fruits of your search!  This experience perfectly showcases wine and oil tourism, with local products complemented by our wines, oil, and honey.

At certain times of the year, you can enjoy a fun hunt for wild asparagus during a delightful trip into the woods in search of "Sparasine."

This unique experience allows you to explore the forest and learn how to identify these natural treasures. Afterwards, relax with a delicious snack in the natural surroundings, savouring bruschetta and a glass of wine amid the outdoor beauty.